About Map Ta Phut Industrial Port

The Map Ta Phut Industrial Port

The Map Ta Phut Industrial Port is a high-capacity industrial port, fully equipped with a wide range of services and facilities and is located in a strategic location suitable for all types of industries. Currently the largest industrial port in Thailand,

It offers completely integrated and full-scale services with an emphasis on the equal treatment of all customers in line with best international standards and is often considered as the golden gateway displaying Thai industrialism to the world.


Upholding the policy to promote and support domestic investment, the Thai government has developed numerous infrastructure projects devised specifically to serve industrial operations. The Map Ta Phut Industrial Port is one of those projects and is part of the Eastern Seaboard Development Master Plan under the supervision of I-EA-T. Slated to become the industrial hub of Southeast Asia contributing to all industrial operations, the Map Ta Phut Industrial Port is designed to accommodate a large number of ships including heavy vessels carrying industrial factory equipment, bulk and liquid cargoes. With all these attributes, the Map Ta Phut Industrial Port is regarded as a major infrastructure helping to enhance the nation’s competitive edge in terms of production and export capacity.


The Map Ta Phut Industrial Port is located 185 kilometers from Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand’s coast between Sattahip district of Chon Buri province and Rayong province, and is surrounded by a geographical location that contributes to industrial operations