I-EA-T Performance

Financial Performance

I-EA-T has placed a significant emphasis on the continuous development of operations that will lead to improved performance each year. I-EA-T performance can be categorized into two types:

   1. Financial Performance

   2. Non-Financial Performance



   1. Financial Performance

I-EA-T’s net profit was 2,149 million, baht, increasing from 2014 by  190 million baht or 10%. The increase is mainly from other income recognition, mostly are special items related to the berting structure fee in Map Ta Phut Industrial Port.


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Non-Financial Performance

As a part of the ASEAN Economic Community which has been fully integrated at the end of 2015, Thailand has a policy to set up “Special Economic Zones” in 10 locations along the border. To support this policy, the I-EA-T has set a strategy in industrial estate development covering these economic zones, which corresponds to the national strategy and the Ministry of Industry. Major projects are (1) the
development of industrial estates in the Special Economic Zones in the 3 border provinces, including Tak, Sa Kaeo and Songkhla; (2) the development of industrial estates in the inner Special Economic Zones focusing on high potential clusters which supports future national development direction; (3) the development of the Rubber City, an industrial estate to support mid-stream and downstream rubber industries, such as rubber gloves, condom and car tyres, etc. to promote other rubber processing businesses that add value to the nation’s rubber industry. With these target industries in focus, the I-EA-T is able to develop specific industrial estates to support these strategic industries and better address investors’ need, which increases success opportunity.

In addition to its efforts to quickly respond to the government’s policy, the I-EA-T has been committed to its responsibility in industrial estate development and promotion. In terms of business expansion, two industrial estates have been established, namely Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard (4) and Nong Khai Industrial Estate, covering additional 5,103 rai. Business operators have used 1,865 rai more. In terms of  financial strength, the I-EA-T has 355 million baht income increase, 6.60% average growth per year. For eco-industrial estate development, 16 industrial estates
have participated in the ECO Champion appraisal project. 

In terms of corporate social responsibility, the I-EA-T has adopted the C-S-R strategy, Care-Share-Raise, which has continually increased community’s satisfaction and recognition from 4.35 to 4.47 points. The I-EA-T has
also received the Universal Design Ambassador 2015 Award – Corporate Category. At the same time, the I-EA-T has been compliant to legal requirement on
environment and safety with focus on efficient management and emergency response. In 2015, the agency has won the service integration excellence
award for the benefits provided to foreign technicians and specialists in industrial estates (Mobile Service), thanks to the high level of partners’ satisfaction level
of 3.96 points, an increase of 0.54 points. Considering people development, the I-EA-T has seen significant improvement in employees’ loyalty and competency
level in correspondence with productivity.